Managing Director

Meg Hill is Managing Director and co-founder of Music at Port Milford. Outside of her work with MPM, Meg has a private teaching studio and is a freelance violinist in the NY metropolitan area. Meg’s work with MPM combines her talents as a community builder with her artistic vision, vast knowledge of the chamber music literature, and her respect for the history, beauty and culture of Prince Edward County, Ontario.





Administrative Assistant

From following campers around as a toddler, to singing in madrigals led by her grandma, to being coached in chamber groups by her mom, to spending university summers as a counselor; Music at Port Milford has been and continues to be an integral part of Emily Hill's life. Currently Emily works throughout the year as the Administrative Assistant, collaborating with her family, the board of directors, the faculty and the staff, to ensure that the incredible musical experiences, lifelong friendships and personal growth experienced by her and hundreds of others at MPM continues.